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When you feel good, we feel good, and we want you to feel comfortable when purchasing products from us. At The Hemporium Co. we are committed to providing the highest quality and purest CBD wellness products possible.


Growing up in in the Bay Area in Northern California I was surrounded by cannabis. I was drawn to the cannabis space as a consumer and seen first-hand the health benefits and the negativity surrounding the plant. I have witnessed friends and family incarcerated for a dime bag and vowed that one day if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would get into the industry to help make a change. I love everything about this plant and now that I am in the industry and hands on, I will be pushing to educate, impower, fight for legalization to end racist enforcement of drug policies that disproportionately affect communities of color.
~ M. Darden
Cannabis Farmer

It was my late Grandfather who inspired me to become a farmer. Born and raised in Northern Alabama I have always felt a deep connection with nature and the outdoors. That same connection grew into a passion for the beauty and simplicity of farm living. I love the CBD industry and the role it plays in improving the lives of everyday people. It really is a great feeling to know that what we do here on “The Pharm” has a positive impact on our local community. Every plant that we raise is special to us and it is our intent to share our love for CBD and all its positive benefits with the world.
“It Comes from A Good Place.”
~ R. Pope
Cannabis Farmer


Department of Agriculture and introduced one acre of hemp.
Kind Origin Pharms is committed to a sustainable farming model that supports the land and soil and incorporates our best farming practices. The care that goes into smaller scale farming becomes apparent through the quality, taste, and efficacy of Kind Origin Pharms products.
“It Comes from A Good Place”


The Hemporium Co is devoted to providing all clients with quality hemp products for a better way of life.

The Hemporium Co. aims to continue meeting all wellness needs for each person to continue there way of life with any aid needed, using the best organic products.

Working with Kind Origin Farm, T.H.C continues to extend its reach to deliver the needs of the public. Each product is made from home grown hemp and created with each customer in mind.


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