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Cancer Patients Say Cannabis Is Just As Effective Or Better Than Cancer Treatments

Many doctors also believe that cannabis is best used together with other forms of medicine, so don’t use this as an excuse to no longer see your oncologist.Data from the journal Gynecologic Oncology Reportsreveals that most gynecologic oncology patients find cannabis products to be either just as effective...

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What Do The Latest Studies Say About Older Adults Using Cannabis?

Many seniors are well aware of the litany of serious adverse side-effects associated with available prescription drugs and perceive medical cannabis to be a practical and potentially safer alternative.Posted by DanaSmith via Cannabis.netOur parents and grandparents, pretty much anyone over the age of 65, are among the most...

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Demand Is Booming For Delta-8

This controversial compound is making its way into all manner of products on the hemp market, and earning top dollar for those willing to take a chance on its uncertain future.According to the January 2021 Hemp Benchmarks report, there is an increasing demand for delta-8 THC, which is...

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