Let’s keep it real, can cannabis really help couples get it on between the sheets?  There is no shortage of products that people use to improve their sex lives – toys, bed straps, enticing lingerie, sexy shoes, music, flowers, scents, you name it – The sex industry has something for everyone. At T.H.C, we believe in the power of the cannabis plant, and its potential for enhancing your wellbeing both in and out of the bedroom.   

As the social stigma surrounding the use of cannabis, and the with the constant changes and legalization slowly spreads across the country, more and more people are integrating this natural compound into their every-day live and now cannabis is making its way into the bedroom. The substance can be found in a variety of products, all aimed at helping to improve users’ sex lives. These products include:

  • personal lubricants
  • massage lotions
  • oral sprays
  • edibles
  • vapes
  • Pre-rolled joints


It was reported that cannabis users are have about 20% more sex than non-cannabis users. This report was also consistent across all age groups, genders, religions, race, ethnicities, educational and income levels. This can be tied to research which shows the endocannabinoids are highly present in sexual reproductive organs and parts of the brain involved in sexual function.  Using cannabis activates these endocannabinoids, which can aid in helping sex be more enjoyable in a variety of ways, therefore making cannabis users more willing to have sex more often.   

For some people, sex can be very nerve wracking experience. Using cannabis before, during, or even after sex can sometimes help relieve the sex-related anxiety. CBD, one of the compounds in marijuana, is know for reducing levels of stress, anxiety and crating an overall relaxed mood. Choosing strains that are high in CBD and low in THC or using pure hemp CBD or CBD concentrates before engaging in sexual activity, can help activate endocannabinoids that is directly related to lowering anxiety and stress levels.

T.H.C Verdict: heck yeah, cannabis can make people horny, hungry, happy, talkative, and probably sleepy too, so why not give cannabis a try? Marvin Gaye said it best “Sexual Healing helps me feel so fine, helps me to relive my mind”

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